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Be a part of our monthly meeting.  If you are a member all you have to do is download Skype, and place your skype ID in your Bio under Skype.  you will be invited to 'mLG Chat' group on the second Saturday of each month.  If you are part of the mLG admin team than after the league meeting than we will have an admin meeting in 'mLG team chat'  If you are not a member yet, than add 'rhinorulz0'as a contact with a msg of "Join mLG"  I will than use you information to send you an email invite to the site.  Skype can be downloaded derctally from Skype at Gamer

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The person that gets the most references and toolbar downloads (each month) will get a used xbox 360 game of their choice.  minimum amount of references must be 500 total to qualify.

If you can see the float over than please download the toolbar.  It will take you directly to the download.

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Welcome To the Minor league

Recruitment Drive is going on now.   I will make a Web Browser for the Xbox 360.  The browser will be a  relativity small tabbed browser.  For more information see projects. Check the calender for events.

download our toolbar 

It is constantly being updated with new items and events

Visit our clan page on

If your are in a clan than join our group

We will be getting shirts.  if you want one than send me a email to the address on the "what we want" page, with the title shirt.  please include your shirt size and gamertag.the shirt looks like:

Make custom t-shirts at

Youth XS, S, M, L, XL $24 Each

Adult S, M, L, XL       $24 Each

Adult XXL, XXXL       $26.50 Each

Please send us the money.  We will buy in bulk. and save you some money.

Pre-orders only now.  Send no money Now.



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 If you use the shoutbox below an email will be sent to your email address asking you to join this site.  If you do not approve of this do not use the shoutbox.  If you are a Webs(freewebs) member than this will not happen.


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toolbar powered by Conduit

Downloads for games.  200 downloads + $60 game or 12 month XBL I only get  $6.33 for Every 200 downloads now that I started this program.  you pay for the game by getting 180 people to download and I don't send the item until you get 20 more.

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